Classical Music Sundays: La Mer- Claude Debussy

I usually like to spend a good chunk of my Sunday listening to classical music. I don’t know why, it’s just something I do. So today I really quickly wanted to share one of my favorite classical pieces, “La Mer” by Claude Debussy. I am a huge fan of Debussy, in fact he might be my favorite composer. Of all his orchestral pieces this is my favorite. “La Mer” is a beautiful piece that perfectly evokes the feelings of the sea for me. Throughout it’s arrangement we can hear representations of wind, waves and the animals that inhabit the sea. One of the best parts is at the end of the first movement when a huge triumphal surge of brass comes in, evoking the beauty and grandeur of an ocean side sunset. This piece is about the sea at it’s purest. There are no ships, there are no human polutions, just the sea as it was meant to be seen and enjoyed. For these reasons and for it’s shear beauty, I love “La Mer”.



2 responses to “Classical Music Sundays: La Mer- Claude Debussy

  1. Debussy is a great composer indeed! He’s a master of the orchestration and has an uncanny ability to structure musical pieces. He’s a musical painter, which privilieges the ambiguity and fuzziness of the sounds. “La mer” is just one great example of his music. However, I personally prefer the unreal soundscapes of “Prelude a l’ apres-midi d’un faune”, which let me fly away from reality losing track of time. I suggest this impressive version conducted by Celibidache

    • “Prelude a l’apres” is a great piece, and that was a great version of it. I feel like that piece is a little more abstract than “La Mer” which is why I like it some much. I think that the main reason I love “La Mer” so much is that I love the ocean and have a really romantic ideal of it… That’s what is great about Debussy’s music, everybody gets different things from it and nobody is right or wrong when describing which pieces are the best or what they mean. It’s just like impressionist painting.

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