Politics and the Cola Wars

For awhile I have been searching for a good metaphor to explain what I feel about American politics. Then the other day I was bored so I decided to see what was going on at my favorite political comedy show, (The O’Reilly Factor). I was laughing but also feeling more and more depressed when I realized that people actually take this comedian seriously and then… I had an epiphany. American politics (the battle between Republicans and Democrats) are just like the Cola Wars between Pepsi and Coke. You may ask why. Oh don’t worry, I’ll tell you.



  • One side is represented by the color red, the other by the color blue.
  • They usually can not coexist. In public places and forums it’s either one or the other. You like both? Well that means you have no taste (or are clueless, depending on who you talk to).
  • People who viciously attack one side or the other tend to be miserable to talk to and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Neither side is absolutely correct, it really is just a matter of opinion (unless you talk to the type of people mentioned above, which you probably should not).
  • Most normal people can not tell the difference between them unless explicitly told which side they are currently trying.

I should teach political science.


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