Alternate Love Songs for Valentine’s


Listen, not everybody’s holidays should be filled with Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, or  John Mayer sappy ballads. There is a lot more good stuff out there that you can listen to with your special someone. Here is my playlist of some alternate love songs that you can use this Valentine’s day. They span quite a few genres so I’ve tried to organize them in an order. Rockish songs first, folksy songs second, electronic songs third.

(Also I know that there are a lot more love songs out there, but these are just a cut of some of my favorites. Plus I didn’t want my list to be four hours long.)

All I Need- Radiohead

Brand New Love- Sebadoh

Province- TV on the Radio

Wonderous Place- The Last Shadow Puppets

VCR- The xx

Piazza New York Catcher- Belle & Sebastian

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel

Cocoon- The Decemberists

Strange Powers- The Magnetic Fields

Heartbeats- The Knife

Kim & Jessie- M83

Gravity’s Rainbow- Klaxons


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