Songs for Lonely People on Valentine’s Day


Yesterday I posted some love songs for Valentine’s Day. That was nice. However, there are many of us (myself included) who will find themselves quite alone this Valentine’s Day while everybody else prances around giving flowers and enjoying each others company. So no matter how you feel about your isolation, here are some songs for you! We are not alone! We stand lonely but united!

Lately- The Helio Sequence

Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Divison

Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead

405- Death Cab for Cutie

Lost Cause- Beck

Let Down- Radiohead

Perfect Disguise- Modest Mouse

NYC- Interpol

Solitude Is Bliss- Tame Impala

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- Postal Service

The World At Large- Modest Mouse

Kissing the Lipless- The Shins

A Snowflake Fell and It Felt Like A Kiss- Glasvegas


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