Adventures in Trolling Part 2

I decided to split up my trolling adventures in order to give the full amount of time to the insanity that I was able to stir up during my brief time as an internet troll. So let’s jump right into it. These comments were on the same article that I mentioned in my earlier post.

One of the earliest comments I saw was this:


Of course I had to make a sarcastic comment about how economics work:


I chuckled to myself and a little later got this reply (from a different person):


Ok, that is a somewhat reasonable comment. I can see where this guy is coming from. It was disappointing that I was unable to bait any crazy.

But my patience eventually paid off, because a few days later I received this reply. Brace yourself. Most people can not even hope to attain this type of crazy. The whole thing starts off by telling me why putting flags at half mast actually costs more than flyovers and then devolves from there..


I do not even know what to say about this. Evidently Human Health Services is trying to hoard medicines, Boston (the whole city?) is trying to rewrite history, and people claim workers comp from lowering flags. We live in a dystopia! But maybe if I had been to combat (or had access to the national archives) I would know “what’s up”.

Well that satisfied me for trolling. But to end, I must acknowledge another worthy troll on this news website. Here is his take on welfare. I kept the picture in tact for obvious reasons:


You sir win the interwebs.


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