That Time I Saw A UFO

In honor of UFO Day (which I guess is a thing?) I decided to share my story of the one time that I saw a UFO.

I was in my junior year of high school and on a camping trip with my church in Utah. All during the night we had heard and seen the lights of military aircraft doing exercises over our head. Being one who loves aerospace, I was very interested and was having a fun time trying to identify what types of airplanes were flying over our heads.

As the night got late, we all went to our tents to sleep. Since it was such a pretty, clear night we decided to not put a rain tarp over the tent so that we could see all the stars. I ended up not being able to sleep, because I can never sleep while camping.

The night wore on, and I was enjoying listening to the sound of jet engines and looking at the stars. Suddenly out of nowhere a square of lights flew overhead. They were spaced far apart and had a larger brighter light in the center. The light pattern just zipped right overhead at fast speed. Oddly enough, it made no sound. Here is an artist’s (my) impression of what they looked like:



So that is how I saw a UFO.

I must qualify this claim though. I do not believe that UFOs are alien spacecraft. The way I see it, our planet is not interesting enough for a space faring civilization to have much need to drop by. As far as we can tell, the technology to make long distance interstellar voyages would need extremely advanced technology and a huge amount of energy. If a civilization were to spend all the time to develop intergalactic travel, why would they waste their time with us?

Anyways, they may not actually know we are here. Theoretically, the only way that they could know about us is if they received some of our radio transmissions. The Earth has been “leaking” radio transmissions for about 70 years now, so any civilization that picked up our radio waves would have to be located within a 70 light-year distance. Even then, our radio transmissions would be so distorted and garbled that they may not actually be identifiable as intelligent transmission. The other way that we could be found is as a result of some intergalactic survey and exploration, which I wouldn’t hedge my bet on.

Although that may seem overly cynical, I actually believe that the United States government and the governments of the world have received transmissions from alien life.

Really that would not be too far-fetched. We send radio transmissions out into space all the time, so why wouldn’t another civilization do the same thing? In fact, I would expect us to have received transmissions at some point. If this were true, I would not blame the government for covering it up. That information would cause a huge culture shock and potentially destabilize our world. But if I ever have a heart to heart with President Obama, I’m going to try to bait it out of him. Then I’ll post it all over this blog.

Here’s an interesting story from a friend of mine who served his mission in Colorado Springs (were both Mormon, so we served missions):

  • According to him, he served in a lot of areas with retired Air Force officers. During his two years, he had about 10 different retired high-ranking officers tell him that the government has received radio transmissions from extraterrestrial civilizations. The odd thing is that these officers did not know each other and lived in opposite parts of his mission.

I really do not have a problem with accepting that sort of story, but I am more skeptical about the idea of alien ships floating through our skies, for the reasons I mentioned above.

So what are UFOs? Just what their acronym means: an unidentified flying object. Often times the Air Force will keep their projects top-secret until they are ready for the public to know about them. Because of that, I believe that most, if not all the UFO sightings are just government projects that have not been declassified. Have you ever wondered why UFO sightings picked up the most during the Cold War and tapered off afterwards?

There are some odd sightings that are hard to explain, so it’s important to keep an open mind. The world is a lot stranger than we actually believe.


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