Meditation for Science Fiction Fans


Meditation has been shown to have a lot of health benefits. In order to meditate, a person must allow their minds to clear and enter a state of timelessness and lack of conscious thought. Often times, to meditate effectively, a variety of sound clips playing nice Tibetan sounds or something. Kind of like this:

That is nice and all. I love those sort of sound clips. But fortunately the internet has provided something a little more sci fi and abstract for those of us who are in to that sort of thing.

A great Youtube user has made videos consisting of loops of various science fiction engine sounds. Some of my favorites are:

The Enterprise-D

Original Enterprise


The Death Star


Battlestar Galatica

The International Space Station


Check out the rest of this guy’s channel if you want to find your favorite science fiction sound. Next time you want to relax, throw one of these on your speakers and lose yourself. Happy meditating.


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