Who Will Be The Villain In The Next Star Trek Movie?

With news and rumors circulation about the next installment of the Star Trek film franchise, one of the main questions is the identity of the enemy that Kirk and crew will face.

I decided to make this list of enemies from the various TV shows that I think would be a good fit for the next Star Trek movies. So far, we have seen that the new franchise is more interested in re-introducing old enemies in new forms instead of coming up with all new villains. Thus, I have taken some good villains from the various TV series, not just the original series from the 1960s.

I listed my reasoning, and whether I think they are possible for the next Star Trek movie.


Dominion (DS9)

Who Are They: The main bad guys from the series Deep Space Nine, this is a huge federation of planets from the Gamma quadrant lead by a race of xenophobic shape-shifters.

The Awesomeness: When the Dominion and the Federation fight, they each bring the full force of their interplanetary civilizations. As we saw in Deep Space Nine, this means the writers are able to orchestrate gigantic space battles. It would be really cool to see a large-scale space battle in the new Abrams-Trek universe. Also, it would be interesting to see how the writers would have the Dominion discover the Federation without a friendly wormhole orbiting Bajor.

Feasibility: Pretty low on this one. The Dominion is a pretty obscure bad guy to anybody but fans of the series. They would fail to carry as much name recognition as other potential bad guys. Also, the Dominion worked really well because Deep Space Nine took the time to get into their back story and investigate the many facets of their civilization. The time spent with the Dominion made the big space battles pay off. Condensing a whole Dominion story line into one movie would be difficult.


Species 8472 (Voyager)

Who Are They: One of the starship Voyager‘s biggest threats in the Delta Quadrant, Species 8472 is an interdimensional race that pilots organic ships and tries to take over our galaxy. They get caught up in a war with the Borg, forcing Voyager to briefly make a truce with the Borg to face the danger of Species 8472.

The Awesomeness: Species 8472 can have a very interesting back-story that Voyager never quite developed. Given the right ideas, discovering why Species 8472 chose to attack us or how they even entered our galaxy would be a fascinating dip into hard science fiction. Getting into some hard science fiction of discovery and mystery would be a nice change of pace for Abrams-Trek. Also, I would love to see the psychedelic trippiness of Fluidic Space with current computer graphics.

Feasibility: Pretty low. Like the Dominion, Species 8472 suffers from a lack of name recognition. Directly adapting the Species 8472 story line seems to get into a side of Star Trek that Abrams-Trek has not shown a lot of interest in exploring. That being said, I could see them using some ideas similar to Species 8472 without having the villains actually be this species.


Rogue Vulcans (Enterprise)

Who Are They: Vulcans who are fed up with the alliance between Earth and Vulcan and seek to undermine the truce through clandestine means.

The Awesomeness: Seeing the Vulcans become bad guys is a direction for a script to turn. Having a species who the audience knows can be trusted suddenly turn into bad guys can set up an interesting dilemma for both the audience and the main characters. What is Spock to do when the two parts of his heritage are now at war?

Feasibility: Moderate. With the destruction of Vulcan, it would be pretty easy to create a story involving disgruntled Vulcans who feel that the Federation could have done more for their planet. That being said, I could not see a whole movie being based off of this story, especially since Paramount has mentioned that they want the new movie to take place out on the Enterprise’s 5-year mission. However, it could be an interesting subplot.


Romulans (TNG, TOS, DS9)

Who Are They: Romulans are distant relatives of the Vulcans. Throughout their history they have been outright enemies, non-hostile rivals and even uneasy allies of the Federation.

The Awesomeness: Star Trek (2009) gave us our first taste of Romulans, ditching their bulky costumes and giving the race a distinctive warrior feel. However, we have yet to see any interactions with the actual Romulan Empire, since Nero was a rogue Romulan from the future. The Romulan Empire has an expansive fleet equipped with state of the art cloaking devices. They usually are a big threat for the Federation.

Feasibility: Moderate. Even though we have not seen the actual Romulan Empire, I would be very surprised to see another movie were the Romulans were the main bad guy. I could see them being part of a larger story, especially since we have not seen the full force of their species, so they should not be counted out.


Borg (TNG, Voyager)

Who Are They: The Borg is a race of unstoppable cybernetic beings who vexed both the crews of the Enterprise-D and the Voyager. They are a race that assimilates other species, transforming them into Borg to continue the perfection of their race. Borg technology is generally superior to Federation technology and they often prove more than a match for the Federation.

The Awesomeness: Although Kirk never met the Borg in the original series (discarding any theories about V’ger), it would be fascinating to see him face Captain Picard’s greatest rival. Borg stories on The Next Generation were always exciting, and would transfer well to the new Abrams-Trek franchise. The Borg offer such an interesting villain because their origin and purpose is an enigma. Their goals are not usually clear, and their emotionless, sterile existence provides an interesting contrast to the lively, diverse Federation. Also, Star Trek: First Contact proved that the Borg transfer well on big screen, and the zombie-like undertones of their species would resonate well with modern audiences.

Feasibility: Moderately High. Maybe it is just my dream to see Kirk face the Borg, but I can see the Borg being a possibility for Star Trek 3. They are an interesting species that would take the crew of the original Enterprise in a new direction. The Borg also have the advantage of being a relatively well-known enemy, even for non-Star Trek fans. They have an iconic look and iconic “catch-phrases” that would be useful in advertising and filming.


Cardassians (TNG, DS9)

Who Are They: Cardassians are one of the biggest thorns in the side of the Federation. They are a militaristic, xenophobic species that only deals with other cultures in battle or in forced diplomacy. The Federation went to war twice with the Cardassians during The Next Generation era. The second war occurred when the Cardassians under the leadership of Gul Dukat betrayed the whole Alpha quadrant to side with the Dominion.

The Awesomeness: Cardassians are my some of my favorite bad guys in Star Trek history. They are not as gimmicky as the Romulans, are more logical and calculating than Klingons and not as otherworldly as the Borg. They feel like a nation that could exist in our times. Throughout the various TV series they became a fully fleshed out, insidious but also multidimensional people. What makes them so interesting is that they never feel like unabashed tyrants. They sometimes have good points and even can elicit sympathy from the audience. While the humans of the 24th century feel distant from our time, Cardassians embody a lot of traits in our society. We can also be paranoid, nationalistic, war prone, and untrusting of other people. In short, Cardassians are us.

Feasibility: Moderately high. Although Kirk never faced the Cardassians in the Original series, it seems that the Federation may have made contact with the Cardassians earlier in the new Abrams-Trek series. Sharp-eared movie goers will remember that Uhura orders a Cardassian Sunrise when she first meets Kirk in the country bar. Maybe that might be a bit of a stretch, but I would not be surprised if the Cardassians popped up in the next film. They are such an interesting race that they could fit in well with the next movie.


Klingons (TNG, TOS, DS9, Enterprise)

Who Are They: Klingons are one of the best known species in Star Trek. They are a warrior race, focused on honor and glory. Their language has become iconic, with Shakespeare plays translated into Klingon by people who take Star Trek way too seriously. Even for non-Trekkies, Klingons are one of the most easily identifiable species from the franchise.

The Awesomeness: We saw a bit of the Klingons in the disappointing Star Trek Into Darkness. The Klingons in Abrams-Trek look a little different than the Klingons from the TV shows, but the basics of their species still seems intact. A Klingon focused plot would necessarily involve lots of fighting, space battles and sweet hand to hand combat. They would make a good fit for the faster-paced and flashier Abrams-Trek franchise.

Feasibility: Extremely high. I will be really surprised to not see Klingons in the next movie. In Star Trek Into Darkness, their home world QonoS was infiltrated by a Federation vessel which destroyed a whole Klingon patrol. They are a species that does not take kindly to that sort of dishonor. The next movie would do well to continue that story line and resolve the issues that Star Trek Into Darkness set up. Beyond story elements, it seems unlikely to me that Robert Ocri will waste all the design that went into the Klingon ships and costumes. For a ten minute sequence in Star Trek Into Darkness, there was a lot of effort that went into the design of the Klingons. They would fit in perfectly with the next film and cause some interesting complications for Kirk and crew.


We will have to wait awhile to see what Robert Ocri and friends are working on for the third installment in this Star Trek franchise. In the meantime, we can get pumped for Star Wars VII.


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