Star Wars Episode VII X-wings (The Plot Thickens)

I am not going to link this article to my Facebook page because I actually want to get a girlfriend at some point in my life and a detailed speculation about some of the ships in the new Star Wars movie is not exactly what the ladies are looking for.

Yesterday, a bunch of Star Wars Episode VII concept art was leaked onto the web. Follow this link to see the images, but if you do not want what could potentially be huge spoilers for the movie, do not look. Instead of analyzing all of those images, I wanted to point out something interesting that I noticed in these concept paintings.

A few months ago, J.J. Abrams made a small splash in Star Wars fan circles by revealing what looks like a new X-wing design. The X-wing was the main fighter of the Rebel Alliance in the original trilogy, and is one of the most iconic space ship designs ever. So seeing a new X-wing design was pretty interesting. Here is a picture comparing the new design to the old one.


Noticeably different, but still an X-wing. The new design makes sense considering that Episode VII will be set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Technological innovation moves forward.

However, combing through the leaked images, I noticed something interesting. Take a look at these two images:



As you can see, the X-wings in these images are the same ones that we are used to from the original trilogy. So there are two different X-wing models?

The most obvious explanation is that since these are just concept images, the artist used the old school X-wing fighters until the design of the new versions was solidified.

However, I like to think that something else might be at play. Maybe there will be two factions in the new movie both using X-wing fighters. Early speculators have come up with the theory that X-wings are now piloted by the enemy. It seems possible that the Rebel Alliance as we knew it has morphed into an organization as corrupt and evil as the Galactic Empire, leaving our heroes to fight against what they once supported. If this is the case, the Rebel Alliance would be using newer starfighter models and our heroes would be stuck with older, less capable ships. Is that what we are seeing in these images?

Nobody really knows. There have been some major spoilers dropped recently that I do not want to read. I like speculation, but I do not like huge spoilers. At any rate, these sort of oddities make waiting for Star Wars Episode VII that much more fun.


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