Mia Love Does Not Make The Republicans The New Face Of Diversity

Midterm elections are now over. Republicans are now congratulating themselves (justly) on a hard fought victory to regain the senate. Democrats are trying to figure out ways to keep the voter base on their side for 2016. Everybody has been treated to a few historic firsts. The one that Republicans seem to be flaunting the most is the election of Mia Love as the first black woman to a Republican Congressional seat.

I am really happy for Mia Love. It is great to see her making a historic first for the GOP. She seems like a kind and compassionate woman who will do a good job for our country. The Utah electorate made the right choice electing her.

The election of senator Love has rightfully received much publicity from the GOP. Republican voters are going out of their way to demonstrate the new face of the party. Which is funny, considering that just a few weeks ago, vile racist comments were still being posted all over conservative Facebook groups.

But I guess that the GOP is now a diverse and all encompassing party who loves everybody.

Let’s just be clear though. While Mia Love’s election is a great step forward, on second thought it reflects poorly on the GOP.

Do you know who the first black woman to be elected to Congress was? Her name was Shirley Chisholm, and she was elected in 1968 to represent New York in Congress.


Chisholm was a woman who made historic firsts for this country. She ran for President in 1972 and became the first major party black presidential candidate as well as to first woman to run for President from the Democratic party.

What we see here is that the GOP voters took 46 years to catch up with the rest of the country. Progress, yes. But that number actually reflects poorly on a party that has taken nearly half a century to include a representative of one of the key demographics in our country. Celebrating the new found GOP diversity is the same as celebrating raising your grade from an F to a C. Technically an improvement, but not exactly a resounding success.

I am glad to see that the Republican party is taking the steps to be more diverse. They should be celebrated for that. But we must keep in perspective the fact that they are still playing catch-up with the rest of the country.


3 responses to “Mia Love Does Not Make The Republicans The New Face Of Diversity

  1. I can’t understand why Republicans have been labelled with the racist moniker? Was Abraham Lincoln not a white Republican and did he not abolish slavery? He was and did, which sounds contrary to something a racist would do. Progressives state with conviction un-truths (read lies) as fact to appeal to their un-informed base. Fact is, Republicans are not racists any more than Democrat/Progressives. It’s unfair to paint half of the country with such a broad brush. As proof, where are the Progressives today seeking that big story about Tim Scott? You mention Mia Love, but she’s not from the South. If Progressives were honest, then they would be all over the Tim Scott story as they were about the Barack Obama election a few years back? Tim Scott’s election by southerners proves as much about the state of race issues in our country as Barack Obama’s did. Perhaps the Tim Scot story simply doesn’t fit the Progressive narrative and Race is not the real issue?

    Where are you on the topic of Alan West? He’s a black man and Patriot. The left was not nice to that guy? Gimme a few minutes with Google and I’ll find many more examples. People! Do your own research. Apply some critical thinking. Republicans are not racists simply because they don’t like a Black president or because they haven’t elected a black woman to congress.

    You mentioned Mia Love. Although I’ve never met her, she’s from my neighborhood here in Utah. I like her not for the color of her skin but for what I also believe she can do for our country. For clarification, I am neither Black, Republican, Morman, from Haiti, nor am I a woman. And Mia Love is not MY representative. But I still like Mia Love as a Representative of the People. I also do not like Barack Obama for his policies and believe they have damaged our once great nation. How can I reconcile my views. That I can like one black candidate and not another makes Progressive heads explode!.

    Could it be that skin color is NOT the issue in this country. All Republicans are racists? Really? The Republicans abolished slavery over 150 years ago. Can we let it go already?

    Congratulations on the Democrats for electing a Black Woman to Congress in the 60’s, though I hardly think that eliminates all Democrats from the Racist pool. I could ask what took the Democrats so long! Slavery was abolished 100 years before that. We had many Congressional elections in those years. Perhaps the reasons are similar? Perhaps (for example) black women simply didn’t run for public offices. Perhaps few women of any color ran for office before the 60’s? Again, critical thinking folks. Try it.

    It’s now up to the Republicans to actually do something with their victory. It’s the Progressives turn to be obstructionists! It should be an interesting couple years coming.


    • Kevin,

      It’s good to here from you again, I enjoyed our little discussion about Atlas Shrugged.

      I hope that you did not think that I was implying that Republicans are racist, they are not. I was just trying to point out that the media hype surrounding Mia Love is not necessary. I just think that it is odd that people seem to be acting like the Republicans are suddenly the party of diversity because they elected a black woman to represent them 50 years after the first black woman was already elected. It is about time that they got around to it!

      I also am frustrated that Tim Scott has not received more attention. I am really happy for him. I just think that we are in a sad state of affairs when it took until 2014 for a black man to be elected as a congressman in the South.

      I think that we use race too much in public discourse, mainly by the people that I associate with, the Progressives. It should not be about race but about politics. That is why I am frustrated by the Mia Love hype.


      • I missed your comment before. Sorry for my delay. I subscribed to your blog to monitor responses to your Atlas Shrugged post, (which I also enjoyed, by the way).

        After re-reading your original post, I can now see your point differently, although I think it is a subtle difference. If Republicans (or democrats, or communists, or anything else) are not racists then why does it even matter in the first place? Why give it any press at all? That’s why I responded.

        I see that your point is much more balanced than I originally perceived. It’s the un-balanced coverage by the media that should be disturbing.

        Full circle, it doesn’t matter that the Republicans took an extra 50 years to elect a black woman to congress. It means nothing by itself. Similarly, that the Democrats elected Shirley Chisolm to congress in ’68 does make them somehow better than Republicans. The whole point is moot unless furthering racism is the intent.

        I look forward to your future posts with great eagerness! 🙂 I just read your post on “Explaining Relativity”. I’m a Physics Fan [Einstein, Hawking, Roddenberry (!)] and your piece was very well done.


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