Star Wars Episode 7 Gets A Title And What That Means

With Star Wars Episode 7 finished shooting last week and post production beginning, we have finally got a title for the long awaited sequel.

The Force Awakens


So what does this mean for the movie?

It seems to imply that the Force, or the Jedi order in particular has gone away for the 30 years after The Return of the Jedi. Early plot rumors hint that Luke Skywalker may go into hiding after the events of the sixth movie. This is a contrast to the Expanded Universe novels where our Jedi hero goes on to train a new generation of Jedi Knights. Evidently, in the film canon, Luke goes into hiding and the Force is lost from the galaxy.

Coupled with the leaked concept art showing broken down AT-AT walkers and crashed TIE Fighters, this title seems to imply that a period of uneasy peace has come about during the time between the sixth and seventh movie. Possibly, a resurgent Empire or Sith faction will force our heroes to get back into the action, and will set up the heroic journey arc for the new generation of Jedi and Rebel heroes.

This title also sets up the possibility of a threat coming from within the Rebel Alliance. My leading theory for this movie is that we will see a faction of the Alliance turn evil and have our heroes fighting against what they created. With Skywalker in hiding, our next generation of heroes will possibly be tasked with finding him and confronting this new threat.

Whatever ends up happening, it is good to see that production is moving forward and this movie will become a reality.


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