Star Wars Episode VII Trailer: Some Things We Saw (And Some Things We Didn’t)

Today is the day. The Star Wars Episode VII trailer dropped online. And it looks awesome. Feast your eyes.

Awesome right? Here are some things that I saw in the trailer that are worth pointing out.


1. Tatooine. I am 100% sure that is what we are seeing here. The desert dunes are such an iconic planet for the Star Wars franchise that I would be amazed if Episode VII did not spend some time on the planet.


2. Here is our first look at John Boyega’s character, and it is an interesting one. Boyega was generally assumed to be one of the heroes of the movie, but here he is in stormtrooper armor. Obviously, he has been through a lot and seems to be stranded here on Tatooine. Here is some possibilities: He either starts as an Imperial soldier and ends up being punished by being banished on Tatooine, he is working as a Rebel spy and is found out, or he has suffered some sort of catastrophe and is no marooned on the planet. At any rate, Boyega seems to be in for a rough time.


3. Stormtroopers! This shot shows us that the rumors were right, this is what stormtroopers look like now. And I am pleased with the new design. It shows some technological improvement over the classic design and makes them look sleek and dangerous. I am thrilled to see some new Stormtroopers in action.


4. Daisy Ridley’s character makes a brief appearance. She seems to be a Tatooine native and is rushing off with some vital information. I am really impressed with the costume design for her character, and I am pretty sure that I am going to have a huge crush on her after this movie. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were the only two actors who showed their faces in the trailer, so obviously they have a big role to play.


5. And Daisy Ridley is off with some important information.


6. X-wing pilots. I love this shot. The costume designers nailed the look of the X-wing pilots in this movie. I love the touch of having the Rebel emblem on the uniform and the new helmets look awesome. If you notice, there is some Aurebesh (the in-universe alphabet) writing on flak jacket, and I have been trying to make it out. It seems like all of the characters are reversed from the current Aurebesh alphabet so I can not really make out the name on the flak jacket. If anybody can figure it out, let me know.


7. These X-wings are interesting because they are a different design than the set piece that J.J. Abram showed us and were seen by the leaked set photos. These seem to be closer to the X-wings that we are familiar with from the original movies. I wrote about this discrepancy earlier when some concept art was leaked. Please read my previous post on this issue to see me theories.


8. The villain. And he looks amazing. I am not too sure where he is or what he is doing, but I am curious to know who is playing this character. Also, awesome lightsaber.


9. The Millennium Falcon! She still looks good. I noticed that the comm dish looks different than in the original movies. This one is more square while the old one was rounded. Remember though that comm dish was lost during the Death Star run in Return of the Jedi. The fact that there is a different comm dish is a nice touch to keep with the continuity of the movie universe. I am glad to see that J.J. Abrams is taking the time to pay attention to these little details.


10. TIE Fighters over Tatoonie. This seen was awesome in the trailer and makes me wonder even more about what John Boyega is doing on Tatooine.


What we saw: The biggest thing that we can take from the trailer is that Tatooine is an important local, the Rebel Alliance and the Empire are both alive and well and the Millennium Falcon is still kicking. This trailer was awesome. It had the perfect mixture of old and new that is important to strike in sequels, especially sequels to one of the most love film franchises in history.

What we did not see: Most of the cast. I was expecting to see at least some of the original actors, but it seems like J.J. Abrams is keeping a lot of the secrets up his sleeve. I am especially curious to see who Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver and Max van Sydow are playing, but we will have to wait until another trailer to get the details.


3 responses to “Star Wars Episode VII Trailer: Some Things We Saw (And Some Things We Didn’t)

  1. UPDATE:

    Watching the trailer a few more times I noticed that the X-wings are the new design that J.J. Abrams showed us. If you look, the wings are staggered and split at the engine. I just did not look closely enough at first.

  2. I read that the aurubesh reads “pull to inflate”. The letters are reversed and upside down. Hope this helped! 🙂

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