Celebrating Pepper Pot Day

Christmas is over, and that means that we are all at risk for Post-Holiday Depression. Don’t laugh, it is a real thing. While PHD does not usually kick in until after New Years, you may start to be feeling the symptoms after Christmas. Do not worry. Here is another holiday that you can celebrate tomorrow, the 29th of December. Pepper Pot Day.

While not a well-known holiday, this is a great one to combine the fun of 4th of July with the freezing cold of winter. This day celebrates the encampment of the Continental Army in Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. During this time, the Army was in bad shape, with disease and starvation killing about 2,500 soldiers during the winter. Food supplies were a huge problem, so the cooks had to improvise, creating a thick soup known as Pepper Pot.


Pepper Pot is a hearty soup made from basically anything that you can find. The original version relied heavily on tripe, but if you have an aversion to eating the entrails of animals, any meat can be substituted. Beyond the meat, you throw in whatever vegetables you want and add a bit of honeycomb. Here is a great recipe.

Yes, this may be an obscure holiday, but if you are looking for a little something extra to spice up your holiday season, Pepper Pot Day is perfect for you. Gather your family, victorious from another year of The War On Christmas, and tell them the story of Valley Forge and eat Pepper Pot soup. If will create a tradition that will make sure that your Christmas season is never without some home-grown patriotism.


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