Most Popular Posts From 2014

It has been a good year. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts on this blog and getting great feedback from all of my readers. I hope that you all stay around for 2015 and help me reach even more people on this blog. To recap, here are my 10 most popular posts from this year.

  1.  Dear Mr. Feuerstein… You did a pretty terrible job at destroying evolutionMy rebuttal to a very ignorant Christian apologist video.
  2. 10 Baffling Backstories Behind Star Wars Background Characters
  3. Star Wars Episode VII X-wings
  4. Interstellar Review
  5. Strange Foreign Versions Of Classic American Snack Foods
  6. The Star Trek Films Ranked From Worst To Best
  7. One Among Many: Evidence For The Other People In The Book of Mormon
  8. 5 Unjustly Forgotten Bands Of The 90s
  9. The Movies of 2013
  10. Why Star Trek: The Motion Picture Is Secretly A Great Film

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