On Frequent Repeat (1/29/2015)

While my post about Mormon culture is getting around Facebook, I wanted to return back to my roots today by posting a small music playlist that nobody will listen to. Enjoy.

(And for any new readers, I really like to post music.)

“Bury Our Dead” – Sleater-Kinney

“The Party Line” – Belle And Sebastian

“Bird of Prey” – Natalie Prass

“Continental Shelf” – Viet Cong

“The Tide” – The Dodos

“Strangers” – Twerps




7 responses to “On Frequent Repeat (1/29/2015)

  1. Dude I really like this music. You have good style. Although the guy with the mask staring at you for the whole video of the first song is a bit unnerving. If by some strange turn of fate you happen to be in Provo, there’s a free concert you may or may not have heard about, and Mates of State is playing. It’s this: http://www.facebook.com/events/922108834485591
    Also, your other post, the super popular one, which a friend recommended to me, sums up the entire reason I have a blog. (Plus I have one post about music.) If you happen to be interested in reading like-minded stuff, it’s here: slightlyliberal.blogspot.com

  2. Your articles seem to be mostly social commentary about college life where you are. Mormon culture is not what you profess it to be everywhere. Within your cliques it may be, but speaking for the Mormon church as a whole is just inaccurate and highlights your bias as an author. Thanks for posting music again instead.

  3. I like how coolly acknowledge the popularity of your last post and just move on… I’ll have to give the tunes a try. I’m an occasional music blogger myself and am always happy to find a kindred spirit. Have you found a reliable source for discovering new music? And by new I mean “unheard by you” not “the latest indie hipster remix” or whatever…

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