5 Potential Ideas For A New Star Trek Series

Ever since the ill-fated series Enterprise went off-air in 2005, Star Trek fans have been eagerly awaiting a new series from the franchise. Although the rebooted movies have placated some fans, Star Trek has always been best suited for the small screen. With interest in Star Trek at its peak, now would be a great time for a new Star Trek series. Here are my five ideas for a new series.

(Note: these all occur in the original universe, not J.J. Abrams alternate reality.)


A show about the Maquis.

In Deep Space Nine, viewers were introduced to the Maquis. This was a rebel organization in opposition to Federation practices and policies. During tense Cardassian-Federation relations, Starfleet decided to hand over colonized worlds in the Demilitarized Zone to Cardassian rule. Frustrated with their homeworlds turned over the Cardassians, the Maquis formed an opposition to both the Federation and the Cardassians, conducting guerilla warfare and terrorist strikes against their occupiers.

Throughout DS9, the Maquis were a constant thorn in the side for the main galactic governments, but we did not get to see too much of their operations. A short series telling the story of the Maquis would have a similar feel to Joss Whedon’s Firefly. It would show a different side of the Star Trek universe. The series would showcase the Maquis in operation, highlighting their moral ambiguity and difficult situation.

Essentially it would be a show about space pirates defending their homeworlds. For the first time in a Star Trek series, we would see the Federation as an enemy, showing what it is like to be one of the little guys in the Star Trek universe and that the Federation utopia is not as perfect as we might think.


A show set in the time period right before the Original Series

The period between Enterprise and The Original Series is the least developed time period in Star Trek canon. Almost no reference is made to how the political conditions of The Original Series came about.

This period was almost made into a movie. Instead of developing the idea, Paramount went with the idea of rebooting the franchise in an alternate reality. While that paid off well financially, getting a series placed in this time period would be much more interesting.

The premise would be simple. After the formation of the United Federation of Planets at the end of Enterprise, the Federation begins to make itself a major power. At first, this would involve further exploration and creating political alliances. However, overtime an upstart Federation would threaten the Klingon and Romulan empires, eventually leading to full-scale galactic war.

One of the most important questions of the series would be whether Starfleet was primarily a military force or an exploration force. Balancing between the two extremes would provide for political drama and let the audience see how the Federation developed into the peaceful utopia of The Original Series.


A show exploring the Delta Quadrant (on purpose).

Star Trek: Voyager gave us an uneven glimpse into the Delta Quadrant, one of the unexplored sectors of the galaxy and home of the Borg. Voyager had its hits and misses, but the biggest lost opportunity of the series was a failure to really make the Delta Quadrant unique from the rest of the galaxy. Sure, the species were different, but most of the cultures and politics felt like what we were familiar with from The Next Generation. 

In the canon, the starship Voyager only saw a fraction of the Delta Quadrant during its trip home. There is still a lot more to find out there.

In this theoretical series, we would have one of the original Voyager crew members lead an expedition into the Delta Quadrant. Although the expedition would be funded by Starfleet, it would include civilian ships and entrepreneurs looking to settle the new worlds of the Delta Quadrant.

Not only would we be able to actually explore the Delta Quadrant, we would also be able to explore how space colonies start. Internal divisions and survival struggles would give a look into the dangers of colonization. While Starfleet is still present and exploring the Delta Quadrant, we would also be able to get a look at normal people who wish to start a new life out in the cosmos.


A show about the Alpha Quadrant after the Dominion War.

Deep Space Nine showed us the Dominion War, which ended up being like World War II for the Star Trek universe. Eventually the Dominion was defeated, but at terrible costs to the Alpha Quadrant.

DS9 ended before we could really see the after effects of the war. We can assume that the major galactic powers were decimated by the war. Some powers, such as the Cardassians, were so devastated that they would no longer be a major player in galactic politics.

As the Alpha Quadrant governments begin to pick up the pieces, internal fracturing would cause political problems. I am imagining the Federation beginning to fracture, and new alliances beginning to form. Plunging the Federation into civil war would force a new generation of inexperienced Starfleet officers into the line of duty. We would also be able to get some great cameos from the older actors. Think of much hype an episode with Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard would generate.

Even though this show would be very political, there would also be some room for exploration. With the Dominion no longer a threat for the Federation, the Gamma Quadrant would be open to exploration. We could even see some uneasy alliances formed with the Dominion.


A show set in the far future of the Star Trek franchise.

The current canon of Star Trek ends around the 2370’s, so lets see what happens in the far future. In Enterprise we caught a glimpse of the future when Captain Archer traveled into the future and was put on-board the 26th century ship Enterprise-J. 

In the future of Star Trek time travel becomes possible and common place. Wars are fought not only over territory but also over time periods. The Federation seems to exist, but it is implied that it may not be the same government that we are used to from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

There are a lot of power races that seems to outstrip the technology of the Federation. Setting a show in the future would enable the writers to bring those races back but let the Federation keep pace with them. Exploration throughout the galaxy would be common place, and travelling into alternate dimensions like fluidic space would not be too unbelievable.

Setting a Star Trek series far into the future would give an unlimited amount of possibilities for the screen writers.


6 responses to “5 Potential Ideas For A New Star Trek Series

  1. There was a conceptualized animated series called Star Trek: Final Frontier that was planned to be set in the 2528. Paramount gave the project leaders an okay but quickly pulled the plug or something like that. Its a shame, because the show would have been interesting considering the small amounts of plot details that have been shared.

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