Alternate Love Songs For Valentines Day (2015)

Instead of settling for the old nauseating mixture of Jack Johnson, Coldplay, and Michael Buble this Valetine’s Day, try something a little different by looking for love songs outside of the usual circles. I compiled a quick list of some of my favorite songs that have to do with romance (or something like that) and also tend to sound a little different than those artists I mentioned above. Enjoy.

(Also I’m not too sure what is going on in the Wild Beasts music video… Sorry about that).

Lovely Day- alt-J

A New Wave- Sleater-Kinney

Sometimes- My Bloody Valentine

Palace- Wild Beasts

Careful You- TV On the Radio

Severed Crossed Fingers- St. Vincent

Far From Any Road- Andrew Bird

Tonight The Streets Are Ours- Richard Hawley

Wild Heart- Bleachers

Meadowlarks- Fleet Foxes

The Scientists- Hum


4 responses to “Alternate Love Songs For Valentines Day (2015)

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  2. So here’s the thing. I did come upon your blog with the post about 4 ways to fix Mormons, etc. And some other posts were intriguing.

    This one just baffles me. First you infer that, looking for a Valentine’s mix, one would immediately go to Jack Johnson, Coldplay, and Michael Buble. Although familiar enough with these artists and their catalog to know what you’re referencing, if I picked 50 artists for this task, I’d not think these three nor consider them to be the “usual” sources.

    Second, you called their music old (certainly not) and nauseating. Huh?

    Based on your other writing, despite the odd titles of groups and songs, NONE of either of which i’ve ever heard of, with an open mind (so I think) started down your list checking YouTube. I’m sorry, but WTF? These songs have something to do with romance (or anything like that)? On what planet or in what culture?

    There is vast catalog of romantic music to choose from by artists spanning the 1940’s all the way up though last week’s Grammy broadcast. But this mix, definitely ‘out there’.

    • I tried to pick some songs that weren’t necessarily ‘romantic’ but did have love or relationships as a theme. You know, just something a little different. And I was definitely biased towards newer artists. Check out my list from last year for a more diverse list.

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