15 Awesome Things and 15 Dumb Things About Interstellar

With Interstellar coming out tomorrow on DVD, I wanted to revisit a movie that I enjoyed but can not say I loved. Interstellar and I have a love-hate relationship, which has admittedly been aggravated by the Christopher Nolan die-hards who act like it is the greatest science fiction movie ever released. To show you my split opinions, I have written 15 things that are really dumb about Interstellar followed by 15 things that are really great about it. Enjoy


  1. Since Coop (Matthew McConaughey) was the best pilot that the human race had, old Dr. Brand wanted him to come fly the mission the whole time. But for some reason he never just approached Coop and said: “Hey want to fly to space?” Instead he just waited for future Coop to send past Coop a message with the NASA coordinates? That worked out really conveniently.
  2. Coop’s two children still hate him decades after he left. Sure, maybe his son Tom would still hate him because he was pretty dumb, but Murph is unhappy with him after all the years? Surely as she grew up she would have become mature enough to realize that dad is off saving humanity. Even after he doesn’t respond, adult Murph (who is an astrophysicist) does not even consider that he might have experienced a time dilation? Basically her emotional state was: Hey dad I know you are off saving humanity, but you are a jerk.
  3. NASA had the funds to launched manned missions and design a huge underground space station, but none of that money is being put towards actually saving lives by researching how to grow food or desalinate water?
  4. In the unnecessary expository dialogue department: Before the crew flies into the black hole, Coop has to get told by another astronaut what a wormhole is. And not the complicated technical side of a wormhole, but the very basics of it: it’s a hole in space. I have a hard time believing that Coop was unaware of what a wormhole was before the mission began, seeing as it is the most important aspect of the mission and his job was to fly through it.
  5. Speaking of the wormhole, why is it so far away from Earth? The future humans placed it near Saturn, but why not make the job easier for humanity and place it closer to the planet Earth? Good thing that NASA had a ship capable of interplanetary travel to make that voyage, otherwise the plan would be ruined.
  6. In the first part of the movie the crew blasts off in what looks like a Saturn V rocket (because of stock footage) to get to the spaceship Endeavor. But, later they are on a planet with like 130% gravity compared to Earth and the crew just take off in their little spaceship. So did that spaceship have more thrust than a Saturn V rocket? Why didn’t they just use it in the first place to launch off of Earth?
  7. All of the secondary characters in this movie are useless and one-dimensional. I don’t know who any of them really are and I don’t care when they die. Am I supposed to feel emotion when Wes Bentley’s character dies? Because I never even got to know the guy.
  8. This line: “Maybe it means something more – something we can’t yet understand. Maybe it’s some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension that we can’t consciously perceive. I’m drawn across the universe to someone I haven’t seen in a decade who I know is probably dead. Love is the one thing that we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t understand it.”
  9. Why did Matt Damon turn into evil astronaut? Did he really think that the noble heroes were just going to leave him there if he told them that he lied? He was already planning to die anyways so what’s the difference? Why not just tell them that he lied and take his chances? He could get a free ride on their ship or just die anyways. Was his plan to fly back to Earth alone? He didn’t have to try to murder everyone!
  10. So I get that the black hole connected Coop to his old bedroom (which I’m actually ok with) but why didn’t he use his new time travel abilities to go warn some farther past scientists before the calamities that killed humanity what was going to happen so that they could stop the world being nearly wiped out?
  11. Once TARS and Coop get in contact with each other in the black hole, TARS just goes ahead and explains everything that is going on. Instantly all mystery is lost. That is why I can’t stand when people say that this movie is confusing. TARS told you the plot!
  12. Coop transfers a complete theory of quantum gravity through binary code. Shouldn’t that have taken years? Have you ever tried to write in binary? Is it even possible to write complex mathematical symbolism in binary?
  13. Coop ends up just floating in space after his black hole encounter and just happens to get instantly picked up by his daughter’s space station. Welp.. that’s sure convenient.
  14. Coop has to steal a ship from his daughter, who is dead and wouldn’t care either way. Also he can fly a space ship 60 years older than he was used to. That’s like a World War II pilot flying a stealth fighter. Well, I guess he was an amazing pilot.
  15. People who think that this movie is really mind-blowing and have a hard time understanding it. Here’s how Interstellar ended. Coop went in the black hole, sent a message to his daughter in the past, got ejected from said black hole, got picked up by his daughter in the future who preceded to die, and Coop stole a ship to go find Anne Hathaway. How does that confuse anybody?


  1. The movie looked amazing. I got goose bumps when the Endeavor flew by Saturn and then eventually into the black hole. I was especially impressed by the way that you could tell the scale of the planets and spaceships, which is hard to do sometimes in space movies.
  2. Speaking of amazing visuals, that black hole was just great. I loved how it looked and how Nolan took the time to talk to Kip Thorne and make it look as realistic as possible. The research that went into that depiction spawned scientific papers, which is awesome.
  3. I really liked the part when the crew was first docking with the Endeavor. I thought that the pace was slow enough that we could really stop and think about what was going on and enjoy the visuals, instead of just rushing through what would otherwise be a routine scene. Sure that was taken from Kubrick’s 2001, but it was a nice touch.
  4. Matthew McConaughey killed it. He is a great actor and pretty much single-handedly carried the movie. He did a great job at portraying the emotional makeup of his character and felt like a real person, which really stood out among all the other one note characters.
  5. The scene where Coop and the kids are chasing the drone through the fields. This was shot beautifully and really made an impression, which is important at the beginning of a film.
  6. The world that Coop lived in was interesting and perplexing. I really was interested to find out why the Earth ended up that way and what had happened before the time of the movie. Immersive world building is important, especially in science fiction.
  7. Having a movie actually take general relativity into account was great. Sure it got tossed out when the plot made scientific accuracy inconvenient, but seeing the crew have to deal with real physical phenomenon was a nice touch.
  8. Matt Damon being a bad guy was great (although stupid in within the story, see above). Usually when you see him in a movie you assume that you can trust him. He’s Matt Damon after all. But Nolan did a great job turning audience expectations around, which made Matt Damon’s betrayal of the crew that much more poignant.
  9. Both the ice world and the water world were beautiful imagined and rendered. The ice world stole the movie of course. It was such a cool looking planet and I really wanted to see more of it, which made the scene of Matt Damon and Coop exploring the surface of the planet that much more enjoyable.
  10. TARS was a way cool robot design. It was great to see a robot that was functional and did not resort to the same old humaniod design. I am glad that Nolan went for a more practical robot design, which was interesting to watch on-screen. I found myself thinking that if we ever have AI, it would probably look like TARS.
  11. TARS also had a great character. I was very impressed by how much emotion the script was able to convey through TARS, even though he did not have any human features or recognizable physical traits.
  12. Although Interstellar had missteps, it is good to see big concept science fiction making such a big splash on the movie going audience. Hopefully Interstellar has shown movie execs that serious sci-fi movies can make a good amount of money.
  13. The future space station looked like how I imagined the ship in Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama!
  14. The film was shot with anthropomorphic 35 mm film and IMAX 70mm, both of which gave it a more organic and natural look. The film looked beautiful.
  15. It made me want to see it again.

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