5 Fictional Politicians That I Would Vote For In 2016

As more candidates are announcing their intent to run for the office of United States President in 2016, everybody is taking a collective breath before the real battle begins. Before we become knee-deep in political sludge, I wanted to share five fictional politicians that I would vote for in 2016, and the reason.


President Beck (Deep Impact)deepimpact2

First off, what would be cooler than having Morgan Freeman as the President of the United States? That aside, President Beck would be a great choice for our nation, mostly because of his ability to keep cool in disaster situations. Sure, some of his ideas were a little questionable (like declaring martial law), but I have to admire his no-nonsense approach to disaster situations: tell the people exactly what is going on. Even if an asteroid were crashing to the Earth, President Beck’s wonderful voice would help us through the disaster and the ensuing rebuilding process.


President Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)bsg_chars_laura-roslin_02_web

A few presidents on this list have to deal with apocalyptic situations, but nobody has it as bad as Laura Roslin. Starting off as the Secretary of Education, Roslin becomes the last surviving member of the Colonial government after the genocidal Cylon attack. Roslin instantly takes charge, going toe to toe with Cylons and her own military on more than a few occasions. The reason that Roslin would make a great president is that she knows when to take a hard-line and when to fold. Everything she does benefits the human race. Although she can be soft and gentle, when the time comes, she will throw people out of airlocks and lead an insurrection against her own fleet. Sometimes she is prone to visionary madness, but nobody else could have handled the Cylon attack nearly as well as she did.


President Thomas Whitmore (Independence Day)whitmore

While Roslin faced her apocalypse with determination and logical strategizing, Whitmore makes it on this list for sheer balls-to-the-wall bravery. Once the alien fleet strikes Earth, President Whitmore throws everything he can at at the aliens. Nuke part of Texas? Sure! Send Will Smith on an alien fighter to plant a virus? Great plan! Sometimes in disaster situations, a president just has to do whatever he can to keep himself above water. But the two main reasons he would win my vote are his awesome fighter pilot skills and speech making ability. Today we celebrate our Independence Day! Chills.


President Frank Underwood (House of Cards)14670

This may seem like an odd choice, since Frank is pretty much a terrible person who manipulates people just for his own good. So basically, he is a politician. But the reason that I would vote for Frank is that when he sets his mind to something, he gets it done. Sure, his presidency so far has been rocky, but his determination to get his AmWorks program off the ground despite opposition shows his fierce resolve. Maybe he is just looking out for himself, but Frank is going to get things done. Plus the charisma. So much charisma.


President James Marshall (Air Force One)1

I have to admit, it was pretty cool when President Whitmore flew his F-18 against the alien mothership. But if we are looking for an action president, nobody is going to beat James Marshall. We don’t see too many of his policies in the film, but just seeing him take out the Air Force One hijackers is enough to secure my vote. Even if his policies don’t work, rest assured that President Marshall will just punch, zipline and shoot until he gets his way. Maybe that is a little dangerous, but I can’t deny the awesomeness of his actions. I would love to see a James Marshall vs. Frank Underwood fist fight.


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