5 More Fictional Politicans That I Would Vote For In 2016

Now that even more politicians have entered the 2016 race (notably Bernie Sanders and that lady who ran HP) I thought that I would talk about five more fictional politicians that I would vote for in 2016. Here they are:


Ambassador Sarek (Star Trek)

I am not sure if Sarek could run for President, since he was born on Vulcan, but maybe an exception could be made due to his status as Vulcan/Earth ambassador. One of the main reasons that Sarek would make a great president is his unfailing logical approach to every situation and his ability to navigate interstellar political situations. Who knows, with NASA experimenting with a new generation of propulsion techniques, contact with alien races may not be too far off. Having a President that is well versed in human/alien interaction could be beneficial. Also, he is Spock’s dad, so we know that he has a good family life.


Mon Mothma (Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi)

When we vote on an elected official, we want somebody who will stay cool under pressure and defend the cause of democracy and freedom. If Mon Mothma were running for POTUS, she would easily win my vote. Not only is she a defender of freedom, she also was somehow able to survive the reign of Emperor Palpatine while single-handedly starting up a rebellion to restore constitutional democracy. That takes skill. Beyond her political savvy, Mon Mothma also is a competent military leader as can be seen from her planning and execution of the Battle of Endor. We need her in office.


Commissioner James Gordon (Gotham, Batman series)

Technically James Gordon is a police commissioner because it seems that in Gotham the police commissioner is an elected official. We have not seen James Gordon take up his role yet in Gotham, but his track record so far has been pretty good. If there is one thing that chaps Gordon’s khakis, it is corruption. Police corruption, elected official corruption, nothing gets away from James Gordon. In his fight to restore order to Gotham’s street, Gordon has shown to be a dedicated and passionate public servant, even going so far to face mayors and mafia leaders. With corruption rampant in American politics and money the main source of influence, having Gordon would be an asset to our country.


Zaphod Beeblebrox (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

There are serious issues facing our country today, but sometimes the best option is to party while we can and let things run their course. We could use Zaphod Beeblebrox as our president. He would restore America to its role as the coolest place on Earth, all while hitting up as many parties as he could and getting in touch with the common folk. Sure, he may not be exactly qualified for the job, but the universe never ended under his watch, and people generally have a good time when Beeblebrox is around. Let’s get the President of the Universe to be the President of the United States.

bestpresidents-drstrangelove-590Merkin Muffley (Dr. Strangelove)

This may seem like a weird choice, since the world entered a nuclear holocaust on his watch. But if you think about it, the nuclear war was not really his fault. If it weren’t for one faulty radio and the dedication of a single B-52 bomber crew, the world would have been saved. What makes Muffley a good choice is his obvious prowess in foreign diplomacy. Who else would have been able to call up the Soviet Prime Minister and just strike up a conversation like two old pals? That shows some serious friendship and trust. With constant diplomacy problems between modern Russia and America, we need a president like Muffley who can easily make friends with those on the other side of the pond.


5 responses to “5 More Fictional Politicans That I Would Vote For In 2016

  1. Mon Motha was my favorite politician in the extended universe. Zaphod was just hilarious and ridiculous.

  2. What a fun idea! I don’t know what movie you thought was Dr. Strangelove however. In the version I saw, President Muffley, the Russian Premier, and all the Joint Chiefs are hapless, helpless boobs, incompetent, self-centered and totally incapable of keeping the world from blowing itself up, which is how the picture ends.

    Perhaps you meant President Henry Fonda in Fail-Safe. When confronted by a similar situation (bomber mistakenly sent to USSR), he orders an identical payload to be dropped on NYC to avert World War III, purposely sacrificing his own wife and child.

    • See, I always thought in Dr. Strangelove that the President wasn’t a bad leader, but that the demands of his incompetent and glory seeking military are what cause disaster. I always viewed it as a commentary that when you let military forces run rampant and do what they want bad things happen, no matter how good of a president you are. But that might just be my interpretation.

      • It took me more than a couple viewings to get the nihilistic humor. The “Hello Dmitri” clip (#3) should help. (“It’s great to be fine.”) All the character names are jokes too. Merkin Muffley is two words for “pussy”. The Premier’s name is Kissov. Gen. Jack D. Ripper, Col “Bat” Guano, Buck Turgidson, etc. One of my favorite movies ever!

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