Comparing Changes In Star Wars Set Design To The Real World

I might not be able to articulate how excited I am for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My hope is strong that it is going to be great. And I have every reason to believe that it will be. Decent director, excellent screen writer, and a general love of the franchise among the cast and crew; what more is there to ask for?

While I am sitting out in a hallway making sure that Especially For Youth kids do not run off, I wanted to compare the set design between the new Star Wars and the originals, specifically how they mirror the real world. I think that it is fascinating to see how science fiction imagines the future throughout the decades. This is definitely not something I am an expert on, but I believe that the science fiction imagining of the future is largely based in the technological aesthetic of the day.

Using the images that we have so far from the trailer, I wanted to compare how the look of the tech and ships in the movies are reflecting what we see in the real world.


They are the main space ship of the good guys in the movie, makes sense that the aesthetic seems to have been drawn from NATO front-line fighter aircraft. The old X-wing looked a lot like a 1970s F-4 Phantom. You could see all the different parts and how they fit together. In the new movie, the X-wing bears a lot of resemblance to modern fighter aircraft like the F-22. It is sleaker, more aerodynamic and looks a lot less bulky. See for yourself:

Collage X-wing


X-wing Helmets

While we are on the topic of X-wings, how about those new helmets? The old helmets were modeled after the old APH-6 flight helmet, and had a similar bulky look. The new helmets look more modern, mirroring the design change that has happened over the past 40 years.

X-wing helmet


Stormtrooper weapon

While the old stormtrooper blasters had the look of an 1970s M-16 rifle, the images that we have seen of the new stormtrooper weapon shows a blockier design that is reminiscent of the complex and functional modern army assault rifles.


Star Destroyer

Evidently designs for the Imperial flagships have not changed as much, but the new design does seem to emulate the more jagged look of modern naval vessels.

PicMonkey Collage

These are just a few of the similarities that I noted. Once the movie is released in December I am sure that we will see quite a few more.


2 responses to “Comparing Changes In Star Wars Set Design To The Real World

  1. Ok, I have to laugh. One minute you are posting your open letter, the next minute it is a Star Wars post! No matter what, you are an amazing writer! I am very proud of you! Keep up the good work! (You can delete this if you want!)

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