20 Amazing Things From The Star Wars VII Behind The Scenes Feature

Yesterday at the San Diego ComicCon, during the Star Wars panel, J.J. Abrams and crew released a 3 and a half minute video detailing some of the behind the scene work that went into the movie. And turns out that we got more information from this behind the scenes feature than the actual trailers. To watch the video go to the Star Wars Facebook page, and try not to get teared up. It is magic.

So obviously I’m excited about the 3 minute clip, but I decided to narrow down the clip to 20 amazing images that we saw in the footage, and what they could mean.


1. One thing that the featurette really emphasized was the practical effects in the movie, and this really showcased them. Both of these characters seem to be animatronics and look amazing.

22. A detail shot of a crashed TIE Fighter. Not only does this look great, but it also shows some new design changes, like the red stripe on the cockpit, or the weird assemblage connecting the fuselage to the win, which to me looks like the wing could rotate.


3. A farther away shot of the crashed TIE Fighter, which is a practical set in the middle of the desert.


4. Lovely shot of the Falcon.


5. This seems to be a motion capture controlled costume. We know that Andy Serkis will be playing a motion capture character named Snoke who seems to be the leader of the new Empire. His statements imply that Snoke is an old battle worn man. Could this be our first look at him?


6. Oscar Isaac’s character is in some trouble, captured by the Imperials. What I love about this shot is the look of the set, which I would guess is the inside of a Star Destroyer. It really captures the angular feel of the original Imperial battleships.


7. A camera with real film in it. JJ Abrams has been known to love shooting with classic 35 mm film, and this shot showing the camera in operation made me feel so good. Abrams knows what makes films look good, and he is not going to settle for the ease of digital film making.


8. Kylo Ren in action, and a little green screen set. Even though Abrams is eschewing an over-reliance on digital tech, he is still using it when necessary.

99. Flame thrower stormtrooper. What more can you ask for?


10. There is just something magical about seeing Peter Mayhew back in the costume. We saw Chewbacca in the last trailer, but this just brought it home for me. I think this scene is when it hit me how excited I am for this movie.


11. Mark Hamill is rocking the ol’ salt and pepper Jedi beard.


12. This is the new design for the X-wing helmet. It was a little detail, but I love how scuffed up it is. The helmet looks like it used by a real person in a real universe. Just little details like helmets that look used make the Star Wars universe come alive.


13. And Simon Pegg is confirmed for a cameo in the new movie.


14. This is a cool Falcon set that is giving Daisy Ridley for a ride. Oddly enough, she is the only one in the cockpit during this scene. When will her character be soloing in the classic starship?


15. Notice C-3PO’s rusted arm. Seems like he’s seen some hard times. Also, the monitors behind him look a lot like the Yavin sets in A New Hope.




17. Even if Lando didn’t make it into this movie, his Sullustan co-pilot Nien Nunb did.


18. And we also see the princess back in action. Not sure how I feel about the costume, but it seems to speak to her role as more of a military leader than a member of royalty in the new movie.


19. Goes without saying, that I am excited to see Han Solo back in action.


20. I love this shot. All the Rebel pilots around the Falcon. It really makes me feel like Star Wars is back, and in capable hands.


2 responses to “20 Amazing Things From The Star Wars VII Behind The Scenes Feature

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  2. So… decision time coming soon. Wait for DVD or actually see my first movie in a theater this year?

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