4 Potential Ideas For Star Wars TV Series

Netflix recently teased that they were looking into developing at least three Star Wars TV series. Knowing that, these are ideas that I would love to see Netflix go with for their series.


A military adventure show. Have a TV show outlining the battles of the Rebellion, but not focusing on the Jedi or Sith. We would instead show the military side of the Rebellion as they fight against more powerful and numerous Imperial forces. Think Battlestar Galactica but without the mystical or religious angle. Main characters would include Admiral Ackbar as the admiral of the fleet, but the show would need to focus on one ship within the fleet and the characters on it. The series would revolve around massive fleet battles and sweet X-wing dogfights, hopefully involving Rogue Squadron, told from the perspective of a warship crew fighting for freedom. This would allow Star Wars to get into its more militaristic side and fill in the blanks between movies.

The story of the early Republic. One of the worst things about the old canon of novels and video games being cut out is that we lost the early stories about the Old Republic. This leaves a huge whole in the Star Wars franchise, one that could be easily rectified by a TV show set in the period where the Old Republic was being formed. The show could focus on the political aspects of the universe while also looking at the early  history of the Jedi and Sith orders. Eventually the conflict between these two sects of Force users would lead to war throughout the galaxy. Mystical devices could be found and discovered and the nature of the Force dissected. Setting a TV show thousands of years before the movies also would allow writers of the show to reinvent some of the fundamental aspects of the Star Wars universe. Make hyperdrive dangerous and only able to be used afters weeks of calculations were made. Make lightsabers unstable with small power sources. Stuff like that.


Star Trek-esque show about exploration. This may seem like crossing wires, but could actually work. In the old canon there was an area of the galaxy known as the Unknown Regions that were unexplored and dangerous. A few times in the novels, governments would send out expeditions into these Regions. Few would return. For the TV show, you would have a group of explores setting out into the Unknown Regions, cut off from communication with the rest of the galaxy. While the show would be set in the Star Wars universe, it would have an exploratory theme like the Star Trek series. This would let the writers get into the weirder aspects of the universe. They would have a blank slate and unlimited possibilities, as our heroes plunged deeper into the wild space of Star Wars. New species, Force using cults, huge wars, spacetime anomalies, and the appearance of old canon favorites like the Yuuzhan Vong and Chiss would all be possible. No other show would be able to restore the wonder and magic of the Star Wars universe.

Neo Noir. A few years ago George Lucas was discussing developing a Star Wars live action TV show with a neo noir style. No reason to get rid of this idea. This series would show the gritty and dark side of Star Wars. The movies always skimmed the surface of the criminal activity in Star Wars, but this series would have the criminal side front and center. Gangsters, smugglers and assassins would all be vying for wealth and influence in a galaxy held together by the iron fist of the Empire. Bounty hunters like Boba Fett would appear, Jabba the Hutt would be a major player, and of course we would see Imperial forces trying to keep order in the galaxy. Without a Jedi to be seen, this show would fill in the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It would also let us see what life is like for the average citizen of the Star Wars galaxy and give context for many of the character’s actions. We would see the oppression of the Empire front and center, and see how their policies destroyed the life of citizens just trying to get along. The series would have a lot to cover, splitting time between the criminal underground and the tales of average citizens, but a little cleverness would bridge the gap, à la Joss Whedon’s classic Firefly.

We will see if Netflix goes forward with their ideas. There is always rumors of live action Star Wars TV shows. But still, some of these ideas would be cool to see.


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