Terrible Thursday (A Coming Attraction)

Every year theaters and Netflix is riddled with bad movies. We have all had the displeasure of sitting through a movie that was completely unenjoyable, offensive or incompetent. It is not a pleasant experience.

But every once in a while, a movie is so bad that is passes the point of being unenjoyable and actually becomes fun to watch. The terrible moments become fun moments, and the sheer incompetence leads to entertainment.

At college, my friends and I like to have movie nights were we get together and watch a bad movie. We end up yelling at the screen, puzzling over the production decisions and laughing at the ridiculousness of the thing. It is a fun night, and is a cathartic break for a busy college student.

But here is the problem: how do you find good bad movies to watch? You do not want to be stuck with two hours of a boring bad movie, or just an offensive bad movie. There just are not very many guides to point you in the right direction. Sure there are bad movie review series, but sometimes you just need a quick reference without needing to watch a whole show first.

In order to meet this need, every week I will be posting a brief review of a bad movie that my friends and I have watched. Included will be a brief synopsis, why the movie is bad and whether it is worth watching. That way, if you want to do similar nights with your friends, you can have a quick guide to some movies that will be entertaining. Of course, it is more fun if you find your own movies to watch, but if you are lost, I hope that I can point you in the right direction.

So check back here every Thursday for a new review, and look for Terrible Thursday in the category cloud at the right of the webpage. After a few reviews it will pop up there and you can click on it to see all the listed reviews. Happy watching!


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