Thoughts About The 1st 2016 Democrat Debate

It was a fun Democrat debate, here are my thoughts.

  • O’Malley and Chafee need to look at the camera. You are talking to America not Anderson Cooper.
  • Anderson Cooper is really pitching hard questions for the candidates. It’s nice to see not a lot of softballs.
  • I love when Bernie Sanders speaks in third person.
  • Common sense gun legislation from Bernie Sanders. Vilifying gun owners never works for gun control.
  • Hillary Clinton needs to give us some concrete things on how to deal with Russia. So basically we are just going to tell him that he needs to step off? Yeah, that worked really well in the past.
  • Martin O’Malley is doing a lot better job than I thought that he would be doing. I would take him if Bernie Sanders does not take the nomination.
  • As much as I don’t love Benghazi craziness from the Republican, it is nice to not see it ignored. It’s not as important as the Republicans think, but it was a troubling event and needs to be addressed.
  • Hillary, let’s be honest. You acted against confidentiality laws. You are lucky that you are not in prison now.
  • “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!” – Bernie Sanders
  • “Secretary Clinton do you want to respond?” “No.” So much sass.
  • I could care less about Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter. Dumb question. Just asking the candidates to pander. But Bernie gave a good response. I just hate the baiting. What else are they supposed to say? They have to say Black Lives Matter. I agree with BLM but I don’t like the tactics. At least the question lead to a good discussion about institutional racism while skirting through the minefield.
  • Bernie Sanders does best when talking about economic issues. That seems to be his big push, but also handles the foreign policy questions.
  • Anderson Cooper did a good job keeping the tempo and timing of the debate on track. Excellent job as a debate moderator.
  • Oh Hillary, we all know that you are being funded by big banks and Wall Street. You don’t have to defend them to us.
  • Bernie Sanders wants free college education, but Hillary Clinton just advocates a form of workfare. Making college only free if you are working 10 hours a week is sort of reasonable, but I’m going to go with Bernie’s plan. Kids still need to eat, they will work if they need to.
  • I am loving these tough questions. Unlike the first Republican debate, the moderators are giving questions that are tough on the candidates and force them to think on their feet. It’s refreshing.
  • Bernie Sanders shoots down the NSA and surveillance. Be still my heart. He is the only one on that stage who can say that he fought the NSA from the beginning.
  • I like that these candidates are very clear that they are opposed to foreign intervention that has become commonplace in the Obama administration. It’s the biggest problem in his presidency.
  • So Hillary, you are just going to be third Obama term? Got it.
  • The difference between Hillary and Obama? She’s a woman. Listen, I like the idea of a woman president, but that can not be Hillary’s selling point.
  • Guys did you know that Hillary Clinton would be the first woman President?! Shocking.
  • Bernie Sanders shows an interesting connection between climate change and finance reform. Lots of money gets pumped into Republican candidates by fuel industries. If we reform campaign finance and get money out of politics we will be better able to take on climate change.
  • I’m calling Martin O’Malley was the breakout star for this debate. Didn’t do as good as Bernie Sanders, but he gave clear and concise answers to the questions and I was very impressed his environmental ideas.
  • Want to be pro-family? Support paid maternity leave.
  • I am happy that there has not been too much personal criticisms of the Republican candidates. Just lots of talk about what the candidates will do.
  • Jim Webb’s favorite enemy: the Vietnamese soldier who threw a grenade at him and is not around anymore. Subtle bada**.
  • Martin O’Malley ends it classy. Instead of boosting himself he talks about how any of the candidates would do well and how good the debates were compared to the Republican debates. No personal attacks, just an optimistic view of the future.
  • “Nobody up here can address the major crisis facing our country if people do not begin to stand up to the billionaire class… We are doing it the old fashion way.” – Bernie Sanders.
  • Winners for the debate: Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. Status Quo: Hillary Clinton, Lincoln Chafee. Loser: Jim Webb.



2 responses to “Thoughts About The 1st 2016 Democrat Debate

  1. I pretty much agree with your take on things. I thought O’Malley looked the most Presidential of the group. It may sound superficial to comment on how someone looks, but how marketable someone is in the age of television is always pertinent. Hillary did better than I thought she would, lately she just seems stiff and contrived on the campaign trail. I thought that Webb had two good moments, one when he refused to pander to the black lives matter question, let’s face it, ALL lives matter… period, and when he pointed out that India and China must be on board with any effort to reduce carbon emissions. Jim Webb actually sounded more like a Republican than a Democrat. Anderson Cooper ran this debate much better than the Republican debate. It seemed that the Republican debate was designed to get them fighting with one another. Anderson also asked hard questions, didn’t pander, and called them out on certain issues.

  2. A Democratic debate? Who cares and WHY? Why would anyone waste time watching this stuff? As to your very last sentence — who are these people? Bernie Sanders I’ve heard of. The others?

    Either Hilary is their nominee or maybe, if Biden decides to run, maybe that happens. Huge long shot. But we pretty well knew in 2012, heck in 2008, that Hilary Clinton is running for POTUS in 2016 and unless Donald Trump somehow continues his magic, Hilary will be our first woman POTUS.

    In any case November 2016 is over a year away. And how wonderful that year could be if those interested in being POTUS could shut-up and not campaign or debate till next September — drastically shortening and sparing all of us the pure political hell and cluster of figs all this is.

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