Wild Speculation About Poe Dameron

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming closer and closer, speculation about the new movie has reached fever pitch. The rumors have mostly circled around Daisy Ridley’s Rey and John Boyega’s Finn, but I have noticed that nobody seems to be talking about Oscar Isaac’s character Poe Dameron, including the film makers. Which is weird. While the other two characters have been featured prominently in advertising and on social media, Poe Dameron has quietly stayed below the radar. This leads me to believe that there is something going on with his character. Put on wild speculation hats, because here comes some theories. Mild spoilers to follow.

What we know about the character:

  • First, we know that Poe is an awesome pilot. According to Oscar Isaac he is the “best frickin pilot in the galaxy.” Isaac has also revealed that he starts the mission on a secret mission from a “certain princess.”
  • In the trailers we have mainly seen him at the helm of an X-wing painted black and orange, which seems to imply significance to his role in the Resistance. In the latest trailer we got a brief shot of him being interrogated by Kylo Ren which backs up the leaks that he is captured early in the movie and released by Finn.
  • Recent comics have given fans the opportunity to meet his parents. His mother Shara Bey flew for Green Squadron against the Empire and worked closely with Princess Leia. His father Kes Dameron was a member of the Alliance army and fought in the Battle of Endor. During the war Poe’s parents set up a safe house for him on Yavin 4 next to which they planted a Force sensitive tree.

    Shara Bey (Poe's mother) at the Battle of Endor.

    Shara Bey (Poe’s mother) at the Battle of Endor.

Theories about Poe Dameron. These are not confirmed leaks, but rather my theories about the character. Since JJ Abrams and crew have been pretty tight-lipped about this character, I am assuming that they are hiding something. So here are some wild theories.

  • Poe is the adopted son of Princess Leia. A lot of speculation has gone on about who is the Skywalker offspring. I believe that Abrams might be misdirecting us. Somebody will be the child of Leia, but it will be Poe through adoption. I am willing to bet that Poe’s parents will die on a mission that Leia sends them on, and she will feel responsible for their deaths, taking in Poe as her own child. I believe that Poe and Leia will be very close in the new movie and that he is the adopted Skywalker son.
  • Poe is Force sensitive, for a few reasons.
    • All throughout the Star Wars universe amazing piloting skills have been associated with Force sensitivity. Anakin was the only human who could pod race and was considered the best pilot in the Clone Wars. Luke was also one of the best pilots in his time, destroying the Death Star on his first combat mission. Poe will follow in that lineage.
    • It seems weird that the comics would make such a big deal out of the Force Tree that is planted near his home. I haven’t read the comics myself, but the synopses are interesting. Only two fragments of the Force Tree survive the Galactic Civil War. One is kept by Luke, the other is planted by the Damerons. Force objects have residual power to them. I have a hard time believing that growing up next one of two surviving fragments of an ancient Force artifact had absolutely no effect on Poe. I believe that it gives him Force sensitivity. Maybe not on par with a Jedi Knight, but definitely present.

      The Damerons' new home with the Force tree in the right corner.

      The Damerons’ new home with the Force tree in the right corner.

    • In the new trailer the woman voice over talks about the Force and every time she mentions something specific about the Force it shows a main character. At the end we see Finn about to fight Kylo Ren and the voice over then says: “Just let it in…” It is interesting that right before that is the line “The Force, it’s calling to you.” Right when the narration says “you” it shows a close up of Poe’s face in his X-wing.
    • In the trailer we see Kylo Ren using some sort of Force power on Poe. He is really effected by it, which makes me think that he is more Force sensitive than most people, which brings me to my next point..
  • All the main characters are Force sensitive. Rey is definitely set up as a main character, which makes me think that she will become a Jedi. Finn is advertised holding a lightsaber so that seems to imply he is a Jedi. But since I think Poe also uses the Force, they are all going to be Jedi. It makes sense with the title too. The Force Awakens implies a big event. To me it seems like the Force is awakening in multiple people across the universe, not just with one character. I think that our three main characters will lead a new Jedi Order and by the end of the trilogy will all be powerful Jedis. But, we will just have to see.

5 responses to “Wild Speculation About Poe Dameron

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  2. Agree 100% with your predictions. I was just running a search to see if anyone else felt this on came across your blog. Spoiler here Lando Comic:::::::::
    Lando comes across a ship owned by the Emperor housing a collection of Sith relics. It’s clear that these relics will corrupt the individual near them. So in the case of the Force Trees…Poe is raised near the light side and perhaps Luke has been holding on to the Darkside one. And that might have effected him in some way as well. But not saying he is Kylo Ren…that is nonsense.

  3. I like the ideia of Poe being adopted by Lea. I remember people saying that he might be Han Solo’s son. I liked that ideia too. But now we know that is not possible. I made the same speculation about the 3 characters becaming Jedi. Just remember there was 2 sensitive force in the first trilogy: Luke and Lea. Why not three? The trailler call my attention too. That would be amazing!

  4. Interesting ideas, I’ve been wondering myself about whether there’s misdirection in the trailer. Perhaps rather than Finn being force sensitive he just happens to have possession of a lightsaber (Anakin’s), and he’s the only one who isn’t a potential Jedi. I’m not taking anything at face value.

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