Wishlist For The New Star Trek Series

Early this week CBS announced that they would be releasing a new Star Trek TV show in January of 2017. That is some of the best news I have heard. Needless to say I am quite excited so I compiled a list of things I would love to see in the new show.

  1. Set in the prime universe: JJ Abram’s take on the series of fine, but a proper Star Trek show needs to be set in the Prime Universe to expand the franchise to new horizons instead of just retreading the same old points.
  2. Increased serialization: Whatever happens, the new series should have a big overarching story line, like Deep Space 9 did for the second half of its run. The reboot Battlestar Galactica did this really well, and the writers of the new Star Trek could take a page from their book
  3. Optimism: Star Trek has always been about optimism for the future of the human race. This new series needs to keep the TNG optimism going. It can still have complex story lines and characters, but we need to have a sci fi show that has an optimistic outlook on the future.
  4. Set after TNG and DS9: Prequel TV series rarely work, as the writers of Enterprise found out. Instead tell the continuing story of the Federation, but do it in a unique and new way.
  5. Patrick Stewart cameo: Mostly because I would cry.
  6. Jeffrey Combs as a part of the main cast: Since his role on DS9, Jeffrey Combs is a fan favorite actor that has sparkled in every role he is in. That man is a joy to watch, so bring him back.
  7. Andrew Robinson main role: Garak is one of my favorite all time Star Trek characters, and part of the reason is the versatility of Andrew Robinson in the role. Please bring him back.
  8. A LGBTQ character: Star Trek has always been about diversity and pushing cultural norms. Each series presented race, disability and ethnicity in a positive light. The point of Star Trek is that no matter who you are, you can make a difference and do great things. There have yet to be openly gay main characters on Star Trek (Garak may have been bisexual but it was never really explored) so a new series would be the perfect time to give a sci fi role model for the LGBTQ community.
  9. Emphasis on thought, not action: The movies are cool and action packed, but this series needs to return to the philosophical side of Star Trek while keeping a tone of adventure.
  10. Interesting alien designs: With better technology the show runners should be able to construct more interesting aliens then the past series. I love the past shows, but many times the aliens were just actors with a weird prosthetic. The new writers can do better. It would also be cool to have a really weird alien on the bridge, somebody completely unique from the human Federation crew.
  11. More complexity for the bad guys: DS9 did a good job at humanizing the evil Cardassians so this show needs to follow in those footsteps. We should see more diversity in the alien cultures and writers should avoid the trap of just portraying all Klingons as violent warriors, all Romulans as crafty traitors, etc…
  12. Branch out into new ground: Please show runners, don’t just make this a rehash of the greatest hits of old series, do something new. Branch out.
  13. Beautiful cinematography: It’s amazing how wonderous the old series looked despite limited budget. Now with modern CGI the special effects can really make space look amazing. I am hoping that the show writers make an effort to show the majesty of outer space.
  14. Give us another Enterprise: Even if the show isn’t set on the Enterprise I want to see the newest iteration of the old girl.
  15. Don’t set it in the alternate universe during the TNG period: Please for all that is sacred and holy don’t remake TNG. Nobody can be a better Picard than Patrick Stewart, and nothing will compare to the magic and wonder of that series. Please show writers don’t do it.
  16. Cast Mads Mikkelsen: Because I love everything that he is in.

One response to “Wishlist For The New Star Trek Series

  1. Good thoughts. But right from the start of your list, my hope would be that Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the original crew/characters would be what this show is about. TNG was awesome; basically as good as the movies, some of which were bad TNG episodes. Paramount got greedy and moved a great TV show, with great production quality, to movie theaters. Would trade all those films for more years of the show.

    So I want to see more Kirk, Spock, Bones — even some original episodes re-done as well as new adventures. That would be my first choice — lots of that with the new cast. Many episodes versus infrequent movies.

    But if not that, then something post-TNG, TNG guest stars and so forth. But please no… please, please… no DS9 or Voyager crap. Those shows sucked the life out of the franchise. After TNG left TV had high hopes for DS9 and watched for awhile. But never finished the show. Tried Voyager and Janeway — saw very few. Never watched Enterprise.

    As to a LGBTQ character, I’ll refer to the hypocrisy of your post today about PC Star Wars characters. I’m fine with diversity. But to have overtly gay characters, or mixing races, or religions… I guess the original series did this and it was one of the best things it did… just never felt that Roddenberry World drew attention to itself doing that… something noted in hindsight. So saying — don’t do affirmative action casting.

    So, your post is the first I’ve heard of this. And my excitement is for the original crew. As to the alternate universe — don’t really care. The cannon is huge; has been for half a century. Doesn’t matter. They cast the movies perfectly. With Nimoy gone, Quinto is Spock.

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