Terrible Thursday: The Galaxy Invader

Director: Don Dohler

Starring: Richard Ruxton, George Stover


Synopsis: An alien ship crash lands in Hickville, Deep South and is seen by a young college student. Eager to find out what he saw the student calls his old professor who is a world renowned UFO researcher. At the same time the Montague family is having trouble. Daughter Faye is dating a boy who her drunk dad Joe does not like and causes him to be violent to the rest of the family. Later in the night Joe sees the alien creature and rounds up a gang of drunk hillbillies to hunt it down. Schlock ensues, culminating in the best movie ending known to humanity.

Why doesn’t it work as a movie: First off this movie was filmed in 1985 but looks like it was maybe filmed in the late 60s. Don Dohler is obviously using a home video camera which makes most of the scenes shot in the night almost impossible to discern. As for the script, it is the basic B-movie alien invasion tale that has been told time and time again. Only this time it involves backwoods rednecks and a weird family dynamic. In part that is a clever little twist from Dohler, but he never follows through to make the movie stand out. Some credit should be given to him though. Dohler was working with almost no budget and was able to create some ok special effects for having no budget at all. They look terrible, but you have to give him credit.

Should you watch it: Absolutely. The Galaxy Invader is a quintessential movie from the home-video VHS craze. It is a terrible movie, but it is a charming terrible movie. What makes it so fun to watch is how earnest everybody involved is. You can tell that the actors are just happy to be making a movie and they try their very hardest to make everything work. And they utterly fail. But even though The Galaxy Invader is a steaming pile of shlock, what makes it so enjoyable is the honest effort that went into it. In an age where Asylum Films can release purposefully bad movies for ironic pseudohipsters to consume, it is fun to watch a bad movie that deserves to be called a bad movie because it did not intend to be one. Bad movies are wonderful when they are the product of honest effort by everybody involved but fail because of ignorance, stupidity or lack of budget. The Galaxy Invader is the perfect example of why watching bad movies is fun, and should be a top choice for anybody who likes watching B-movies. And it has this amazing ending (spoilers, I guess):

Rating as a real movie: 3/10

Rating as a bad movie: 11/10


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