10 Worst Jet Airplanes Of All Time

I am extremely lucky. Listverse purchased four of my articles and will be publishing them shortly, including my one about the dangers of the meat industry, which I am really excited for. Hopefully it will start a comment flame war. So keep checking here and on Listverse for my articles. This one is about jet airplanes. Since I was young I have been fascinated by aviation and jets. I credit my father for starting that love. Now I am making some money off of the knowledge, which is great. Listverse seems to love my airplane articles, and I have quite a few that I can write. However I try to space them out so that the editors do not get tired of them so I have restricted myself to writing about airplanes one out of every four submitted articles. Here is the link to this one:

10 Of The Worst Jet Aircraft Of All Time


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