10 Theoretical Countries Of The Future

I have always been interested in geography, vexillology and the future. I had the idea of looking for various separatist groups and figuring out what possible countries could exist in the future, which was a combination of some of my favorite topics. Fortunately Listverse liked it as well and published it.

10 Theoretical Countries Of The Future


3 responses to “10 Theoretical Countries Of The Future

  1. Your article stated that the different regions of the U.S. don’t really have anything in common. This is nonsense. In Florida we have people from all over the U.S. and we get along just fine. It’s the media and political pundits who like to talk about a divided America because it fits their narrative. In reality, we get along just fine, even though we might not always agree. No matter what State I visit, I get along great with the people of those regions.

    • That might be the case in your personal experience, but a lot of political scientists think that we are moving towards more dividing. Just look at recent laws and events such as the Supreme Court marriage ruling and the Syrian refugee crisis. States have quite different opinions about the role of government and laws. I don’t think we would see a breakup in 100 years, but as time goes on we will see more divide.

      • The two issues you mentioned are hardly unusual. There was division and debate over the Cuban refugees, and over the so-called “Vietnamese Boat People”, Haitian refugees, and even “Okies” during the dust bowl. And almost all Supreme Court rulings causes division and debate ,and makes someone unhappy. This is nothing new. What you should be looking at is the fact that 40 years ago Gays were in the closet and the targets of scorn. Now, I am hard pressed to find anyone who is against gay marriage other than some ultra right wing Christians. That is the sign of progress, not future division. Time has a way of making Conservatives more liberal and softening the radicals on both sides. The 60s and early 70s were far more divisive and scary than today. Those turbulent times gave way to the “Me Decade” and pursuit of money in the 80s. Jane Fonda was selling workout tapes and 60s radicals were working on Wall Street. In my lifetime there were “Whites Only” signs. I knew people who believed that Blacks were subhuman. Those people have either changed or died. I can see how younger people might be led to believe that we are more divided. The truth is, things have never been better. The regional differences are miniscule by comparison. Your so-called “scientists” need to spend a little more time traveling the country they are theorizing about. I can’t count how many times “science” has been wrong in my lifetime. The good thing about science is that it is able to correct its mistakes though it may take some time. How many of us ingested trans fats in the form of margarine because we were told that it was good for us? How many people avoided eggs for decades, now we have television doctors spouting research that claims eggs are their number one health food. How long were we told that meat is bad for us? Now we have Dr. Becker citing research that claims grass fed organic beef is good for us. So, I trust what I can experience with my own senses. Any scientific claim must be scrutinized and met with skepticism.

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