2015 Small Indie Christmas Playlist

Christmas music is something you either love or hate, there is not a whole lot of middle ground. Unfortunately, most people’s Christmas music is limited to the standard versions of classic songs. To give some more variety, here are some of my favorite songs from various independent and rock artists. I’ve included some fun songs like The Magnetic Fields’s song and also some really pretty songs like Gungor’s breathtaking “Oh Light”.

“Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time!” – Sufjan Stevens

“Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree”- The Magnetic Fields

“Jingle Bells” – Sugar and the Highlows

“Silent Night” – The Polyphonic Spree

“Oh Light” – Gungor

“Don’t Make My Christmas Blue” – Kyle Cox

“And Anyways It’s Christmas” – !!!

“Wonderful Christmastime”- The Shins

“That Was The Worst Christmas Ever” – Sufjan Stevens

“A Snow Flake Fell And It Felt Like A Kiss” – Glasvegas


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