I am a lazy Bernie Sanders supporter

We have heard a lot over the past few months about those lazy Bernie Sanders supporting millennial who just want free education. You know, the freeloaders who do not want to work hard for anything. Well I want to come clean. I am going to come out and say it: I am a lazy, freeloading Bernie Sanders supporter.

I am working towards a degree in astrophysics and spend nearly every hour of the day doing homework, working on assignments, and studying for tests. But astrophysics is a super easy degree, so that is why I am lazy.

To pay for my school and my food I work two jobs, one as a tutoring on campus where I do the most tutoring appointments out of any of my coworkers and usually end up spending 10-12 hours on campus between work and classes.

I also write freelance at Listverse. To pay for things, I have made it a goal to write two articles a week, each one between 3,000-5,000 words. I enjoy it, but I am writing two extra essays every week on top of my normal work load. But I recognize that is really lazy, so I know that I am just a Bernie Sanders freeloader.

All of that adds up to about 30-40 hours a week to keep myself financially secure, which makes me incredibly, disgustingly lazy.

My girlfriend is wonderful, and I love to be around her. During the week that normally does not happen from all the work that I put in. I guess that makes me really lazy about my relationship right?

When it comes to money I try to be frugal. I rarely eat out, maybe once a semester or so, and mainly eat rice and spaghetti on repeat, because I make awesome fried rice and its cheap. That is why I am one of those disgusting welfare junkies that you hear about.

I don’t own a car, smart phone, newest electronic device, nicest apartment on campus, or a credit card. I am definitely a free loader.

My parents are great and have helped me out a little with college, but all of my tuition came out of my pocket, which meant that during the summer I worked an exhausting summer camp job for barely minimum wage with a work schedule of 14-16 hours a day. Please don’t make fun of me because of my laziness.

So that is me, just a lazy, freeloading Bernie Sanders supporter. But you know what, I recognize that I come from a place of privilege. I was born in a middle class American family which in the grand scheme of things makes me one of the luckiest people in the world and in the country. I go to a school where my education is dirt cheap just because I believe in the right religion. If Sanders gets elected his free tuition plan does not even affect me because I don’t go to a state college.

But you know what, I recognize that other people do not have the same privileges that I do and I believe that our tax money should go to them. If the mere fact that I want to vote for Bernie Sanders makes me a dirty freeloader then I take that badge and wear it with pride. Because I’d rather you call me that than ignore the people in need.

Is my situation unique or even unusual? No, there are plenty of other college students out in the country who feel the same way and work even harder than I do. I did not want this to be a humble brag. Heck, I understand that lots of my fellow college students do not agree with me, which is perfectly fine.

However, the next time you see those millennial protests and make your knee-jerk reactions on Facebook, I hope that I have put a face to us. Because we are sick of being told we are dirty, lazy, or worthless by Fox News and conservative pundits just because we want a little help. I am sick of being ostracized.


7 responses to “I am a lazy Bernie Sanders supporter

  1. It’s not that you’re lazy, it makes sense that you would support Sanders considering your degree choice. There are not a lot of jobs available in Astrophysics… most likely you will end up in 1) research (which is basically like a govt job) or 2) tech (then you might not be so happy with Sanders).

    You’re basically an academic… you might as well be a poetry major. So being a Sanders supporter makes perfect sense.

  2. Well I think we can all agree that people named “Mike” don’t know how to read! I think he pretty clearly stated that he’s fine with not getting all that stuff and working hard, but is concerned about _other_ people. I know, that’s difficult to believe . . . must also be some sort of genetic deficiency on his part.

  3. Another person who can never again complain about the government taxing them too much. When you worked your ass off without help from Uncle Sam, pay property taxes, sewer taxes, road taxes, let alone all the paycheck deductions for social welfare programs already, enough is enough. Guess what? We all spent hours upon hours of studying and working to buy a friggin’ coffee in college. I don’t care if it’s astrophysics, finance, or whatever. Don’t make it seem like you have it worse than the people before you. Stop crying that I open my wallet and give you another cent. Unbelievable. Your inalienable rights are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. You aren’t given the Happiness. You have to go out there and get it. You people just want the world dropped on your lap because you live here and think you’re entitled to everything. Give me a break.

    • Hey Mike, it was like this back when I was in college, back in the stone age. Just about everyone I went to school with was ultra left-wing including me. Now, after experiencing life after college, they are all either moderate or conservative. I think a quote by Winston Churchill said it best. “A young man who isn’t a socialist doesn’t have a heart, and an old man who is still a socialist doesn’t have a brain.” What does that quote say about Bernie? Anyway, I am not too judgemental toward this latest generation as I think they will find moderation in time. Like in Babylon 5, they will find their own way between chaos and order.

  4. Neat! Someone who doesn’t understand pretty basic economics AND is insanely passive aggressive? I can’t tell if you’re actually trying to convince people that you’re not lazy or if you’re just an idiotic hipster who thinks this kind of obnoxiousness is cute.

  5. You are an impressive young man, I don’t care who you support. Your articles are interesting and convey a wisdom far beyond your years. Keep up the good work.

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