Media And Political Responses To The Bundy Militia (If They Were Consistent)

The Bundys are up to their shenanigans again, this time perpetuating a terrorist attack… er.. I mean, disgruntled second amendment public demonstration… against Oregon. Fortunately they just took over an abandoned federal building and nobody has been hurt yet. But I have really found it interesting that the media coverage about the situation seems a little biased. So I imagined what the headlines would look like if everybody was consistent in their coverage. Now I recognize that the situation is a different because nobody has been hurt yet, but these headlines are not too far off if our politicians treated Mormons the same way they treated Muslims or Black Lives Matter activists.

  • Religious scholars points out verses in the Book of Mormon that incite violence and civil disobedience (CNN)
  • Does the story of Captain Moroni tell Mormons to attack the government? (Huffington Post)
  • Donald Trump states that Mormons are being radicalized in their secret temple ceremonies (Fox News)
  • Donald Trump calls for surveillance of certain temples and a national Mormon database (NY Times)
  • Jeb Bush would back a system where Mormon gun owners must prove that they are Christian (MSNBC)
  • Republican political meetings shut down out of fear that they are hotbeds for radicals (Al Jazeera)
  • Gun-toting Mormonphobic group protests outside Mormon temple. (Huffington Post)
  • Republican candidate Ben Carson states that a Mormon would be unfit for President (Salon)
  • Mormon founder Joseph Smith the root of the radical Mormon problem (Fox News)
  • Mormon believers begin hastag #notallmormons (ABC)
  • Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders encourages Americans to not judge a whole religion by a few violent fanatics. (CNN)

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One response to “Media And Political Responses To The Bundy Militia (If They Were Consistent)

  1. Hello and don’t forget that the Mormon Church at one time didn’t want Black people in their church. And yet they send young people to the continent of Africa to preach and convert Africans. The irony!

    Thanks for the moderation.

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