Sad Responses To Elder Kearon’s Talk

In case you missed it yesterday, Elder Patrick Kearon gave an wonderful talk about helping the refugees in our world no matter what. It was inspiring and the most Christ-like talk I have heard in a long time. Elder Kearon was so good that he even moved President Uchtdorf to tears.

Sadly, politics comes in the way once again, and I found these hateful messages on LDS Facebook groups.

Refugee response

refugee response 2

I know that this does not represent most LDS members, in fact this is just a fraction of the more hateful sections of our culture.

But we need to make sure that people like this do not get in the way of the goodness that was shared by Elder Kearon’s talk.


2 responses to “Sad Responses To Elder Kearon’s Talk

  1. You must have led a very sheltered life if you see hate in those messages. As someone who has seen real hate, most of what I see in those messages is fear and caution. One of the messages even asserts that they deserve compassion. Other messages look for alternative ways to help them. I hope you never experience REAL hate. You might need counselling afterward.

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