10 Bizarre Realities Of Life At The End Of The Universe

Our universe is going to die, no doubt about it. One of the most accepted models of the end of the universe is eternal expansion and eventual death by entropy. As the universe continues to expand, entropy increases until everything we know is gone. But what does life look like as the end approaches? That question has given rise to fascinating ideas about the universe and life itself.

10 Bizarre Realities Of Life At The End Of The Universe


2 responses to “10 Bizarre Realities Of Life At The End Of The Universe

  1. Good job Zachery! Great list ! My how things have changed since I was in college and they thought that the universe would eventually contract back down into another big bang creating a cycle. That was before they knew the universe is actually speeding up the expansion, and before dark matter, and dark energy.

    I did not know that they thought it was possible to pass through a black hole. The last documentary I watched on the subject said that you would be stretched out like noodles and destroyed. This is fascinating! Is it possible that entire planets could pass through a supermassive black hole and emerge in another universe?

    What would happen to the planets early on in this process? I know that suns expand into red giants consuming many of their planets, but what happens to the planets that are left over. Do they just wander around until they are consumed by black holes? I guess some of them would expand with the universe and go through the other processes you mentioned?

    There is so much in that article to wrap the brain around. The idea of a huge being that takes forever to form a complete thought reminds me of my aunt:-)

    Thanks for another great article Zachery,


    • I would guess that planets would not be able to travel through black holes in our universe. But as black holes get bigger the tidal forces experienced near the event horizon become less significant. The problem with a planet is that it is so big that the tidal forces between the side facing the black hole and the side facing away would be huge. But given a big enough black hole it’s at least theoretically possible.

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