More Great Free Albums From Bandcamp

After my last article about Bandcamp I found more great free albums! Click on the playlist link to get to the artist’s page.

Macintosh Plus- Floral Shoppe

When I wrote my last article about great free music on Bandcamp I did not even realize that Macintosh Plus was offering this for free. Simply put, Floral Shoppe is the definitive vaporwave album. Released in 2012, Floral Shoppe both defined the vaporwave genre and killed the first wave of it; all at the same time. The practitioners of vaporwave collectively moved on to new styles within the genre, leaving Macintosh Plus’s album as the defining moment of classic vaporwave.

FAVORITE TRACK: リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュ

Stellardrone- Lightyears

Making space music is tough without either sounding too cliche or devolving into mindless minimalism. Stellardrone is a Lithuanian composer who has figured out the right way to make music for outer space. By balancing electronic soundscapes with propulsive rhythm he has created music perfect for star-gazing, driving at night, long walks, or basically any meditative activity.


Oscob/Digital Sex- Overgrowth

An excellent piece of ambient vaporwave, Overgrowth takes the theme of ecological drama and runs with it. Throughout the album forest sounds create an ambiance and the minimalist electronic flourishes create the impression of walking alone through a forest that recently reclaimed civilization. Being a vaporwave album, throw-back references to the 80s and 90s crop up, but they fit with the overall mood, telling the story of humanity succumbing to ecological decay and our basest desires.

FAVORITE TRACK: Hypersensitivity

Amanda Palmer- Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Singer Amanda Palmer might be best known for her work in The Dresden Dolls, but her solo work is just as thrilling as her main band. Truthfully I’m not a huge fan of her main band, so it was exciting to find this solo album free on Bandcamp. It’s an exciting collection of music, lots of aggressive cabaret-influenced piano songs with a few pretty ballads thrown in to shake up the mix.


Candy- Waiting For U

Candy is a wonderful dream-pop band that is gaining a solid following on Bandcamp. On their sophmore record, Candy polishes up the synthesizers and tightens up the song writing to create a more cohesive album than their debut. While Candy has yet to establish themselves as a group that is unique from other dream-pop bands, this album is enjoyable and gives a glimpse of future possibility.

FAVORITE TRACK: (In) A Room In St. Kilda


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