Great Free Albums On Bandcamp Pt.3

More free albums on Bandcamp.

The Sky Is Calling- Kim Boekbinder

I’m a sucker for space-themed music and synthpop, so I fell in love with Kim Boekbinder instantly. Hailing from Canada, Boekbinder sings light and poppy songs about space and futurism, nailing the aesthetic of outer space music every time. It’s perfect music for anybody fascinated with the possibilities of spaceflight and astronomy.

FAVORITE TRACK: The Sky Is Calling

In Silence We Yearn- Oh Hiroshima

Maybe it is the long, dark winters, but something about Scandinavia inspires excellent post-rock musicians. Oh Hiroshima comes from Sweden and produces expansive, beautiful music; perfect for long winter nights. Alternating between sweeping instrumental passages and driving vocals/guitar songs, In Silence We Yearn is a great post-rock album, especially for those just getting into the genre.


2 Years Of Failure- C418

C418 gained notority for his work on the Minecraft OST, showing off his accomplishments as an electronic composer. 2 Years Of Failure is a collection of broken song files and sketches revamped into full songs. The album showcases C418’s skills as a songwriter and even includes his remix of the Stranger Things theme song, which is, of course, my favorite piece on the album.

FAVORITE TRACK: stranger_think

Cellar Door- Graveyard Club

Graveyard Club describes their music as “spooky, synth-laden 80’s pop songs”, which is a pretty apt description. The songs have a dark, moody tone but come alive with sparkling, 80’s pop tropes. Combining those two moods gives Cellar Door a unique vibe, feeling like the long-lost original soundtrack of Donnie Darko.

FAVORITE TRACK: Nightcrawler

Summer Paradise- Architecture In Tokyo

I had to put at least one vaporwave album on here. Architecture In Tokyo’s Summer Paradise is a good album for somebody new to the classic style of vaporwave. AIT does an excellent job creating a mood and sticking with it. Summer Paradise sounds like an electronic infused day at the beach…  in the late 80s (of course).



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